When you’ve joined us for a day at the races this year, has there been a stand-out performance that has really caught your eye?

New for this year, we have introduced a ‘Winner of Winners’ poll to give you the chance to give that particular horse, jockey, owner and trainer the recognition they deserve.

Winner of Winners Poll 2018

After each fixture this season, you will have the opportunity to vote for your Winner of Winners – the winner that you think out-performed all other runners on the day.

At our last fixture of the season on Friday 21 October we will be crowing the ‘Ultimate’ Winner of Winners from our 2018 season. But to do this we need your help. We will be splitting the season into three – each of the winners that you have crowned in the fixtures that fall within the third will then go head-to-head to be crowned the winner of that third. Each of these three winners will then go forward for our final poll of 2018 where you will have the opportunity to crown your Ultimate Winner of 2018.

2018 Winner of Winners Results to Date

Fixture Winner of Winner Result / Vote
April 23 Fixture Strumble Head
May 9 Fixture Higgs
May 16 Fixture Amour D’or
June 4 Fixture Amour D’or
June 15 Fixture Eric The Third
June 23 Fixture Lady Longshot
July 6 Fixture Ballydun Oscar (1st place draw)
July 6 Fixture Fifty Shades (1st place draw)
July 14 Fixture Picamix
July 22 Fixture Top Chief
July 30 Fixture Tamarillo Grove
August 6 Fixture The Unit (1st place draw)
August 6 Fixture Little Windmill (1st place draw)
August 15 Fixture Nanny Pat’s (1st place draw)
August 15 Fixture Billy My Boy (1st place draw)
August 21 Fixture Lord Topper
September 1 Fixture Petrify
September 10 Fixture Leapaway
Friday 21 September Top Chief
Monday 1 October Scorpian Star
Friday 12 October Colonel Custard

Ultimate Winner of Winners

Congratulations to Amour D’or – your Winner of Winners 2018.

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