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Aug 01, 2013

Family Day Review - The Hambly Family

As the summer holidays jump into action in Devon and the South West, Newton Abbot Racecourse invited one lucky family to share their family day out at the races with others.

The Hambly family from Kingsteignton were chosen to review their experience of our first fixture of the summer holidays so that families looking to enjoy a day at the races could learn more about what to expect.

The family of four, consisting of dad Dave, mum Helen, son Chris and daughter Chloe, visited the course. Helen Hambly told Newton Abbot Racecourse about her day:

How long have you been interested in horseracing?

My husband and I used to go racing before the children were born. When the children were young we didn’t go but started again about six or seven years ago. It’s just fantastic being able to see the horses up-close.

Was this your first trip to Newton Abbot Racecourse?

No, we’ve been many times before! Newton Abbot is the only one we go to as a family. Dave and I have been to other racecourses in the country but Newton Abbot is the only racecourse we’ve been to all together.

How did you find your day?

Everything was just fantastic from the moment we arrived. The stewards on the gate were so friendly and helpful and were sure to point us in the right direction and to answer any questions we had.

My husband and daughter were the ones that chose the best horses of the day. My son and I didn’t do too well.

The racecourse has really improved over the past few years that we’ve been coming as a family. The big TV is great and the last time we were here everyone was laughing when they saw themselves on the screen. I think during every race we watched a part of it on there.

It was great to see that the course has renovated the pedestrian entrance. It’s good to know that the racecourse listen to what its customers suggest and it’s lovely to go back and see it all done.

There was never a moment that any of us were bored; it definitely kept us entertained.

Did the children enjoy their day?

My daughter didn’t stop talking about it all day. Chloe loved it and was fascinated being able to see the horses in the Parade Ring. We followed the horses out at every race and Chloe was able to get a better view of what the jockeys looked like and what they were wearing, rather than just relying on the racecard. It helped her to see how her horse was doing during the race.

When we were there the ‘Kids Love The Races’ roadshow was also taking place which was a great touch. We all enjoyed it and even my husband and I learnt something about horseracing.

What’s your top tip to families looking to enjoy a day at the races?

I always take a roll-up blanket to sit on during the races. That way you can use it for the seats in the enclosures and also to sit on the grass.

Will you be going back this season?

Yes, definitely. We’re already planning to return for the next fixture.