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Nov 08, 2020

2021 Fixture Dates

We’re delighted to share with you the 2021 fixture list dates for Newton Abbot Racecourse and hope to be able to welcome you back to the racecourse as soon as possible.

Tickets for 2021 are not yet on sale, but for the latest updates and announcements as they happen, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

Newton Abbot Racecourse 2021 Fixture Dates

Easter Saturday 3 April

Tuesday 13 April

Wednesday 5 May

Wednesday 12 May

Wednesday 26 May

Friday (Eve) 11 June

Monday 21 June

Tuesday (Eve) 22 June

Friday 2 July

Monday 12 July

Sunday 18 July

Monday 26 July

Saturday 21 August

Tuesday (Eve) 31 August

Monday 6 September

Friday 17 September

Monday 27 September

Sunday 10 October

Thursday 21 October